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Let me introduce myself, I am Sharon Quill-Hoy, BSW, RMT, the owner and Reiki provider at Brockport Reiki Center. I am a Social Worker, Certified Reiki Master and a Reiki Practitioner for Animals. I have more than 25 years of experience working as a Social Worker in Western NY. I have helped people with mental illness, alcoholism, gambling addictions, drug addictions, developmental disabilites, learning difficulties, physical disabilities and Alzheimer's Disease. I have provided Reiki sessions for people and small animals since April 2012.


The reason I learned Reiki.

I initially took Reiki classes as a relaxation technique to treat my rescue dog, Leonard. In addition to helping my dog and family, it has helped me with PTSD, anxiety, pain, insomnia and I am able to relax more. After seeing how beneficial Reiki was, I chose to further my education to become a Reiki Master and open a business to treat others.



Since childhood, I suffered from pain and a rash when exposed to the sun. Medications were prescribed from Spring until Fall each year but they were not helpful. After 1 Reiki session with Sharon during the Spring of 20I4, I was able to stop taking the medication and have had no further reactions to the sun.                                         KT


I tried therapy and medicine for my dog's arthritis but they didn't work and the side effects of the medicines were awful. When the Reiki was started, I saw changes in her ability to get around and her pain seemed to decrease. It helped her so much. She is able to walk a lot easier and seems happier.                                             PM                                                   

Here is a very short list of some other medical problems that Reiki can help:

  • pain

  • insomnia

  • headaches, migraines

  • depression, anxiety, worry

  • side effects of medications and chemotherapy

  • low self-esteem, low self-confidence

  • addictions

  • memory and concentration issues

  • digestive issues

  • high blood pressure

  • anger 


                         * Client Referral Program*
Spreading the word about your positive experiences with Sharon can help you earn sessions for yourself! For every 2 referrals (family, friends or coworkers that have paid Reiki sessions), you will receive a FREE 1 hour Reiki session. So, spread the word and be sure to tell them to mention your name. Note: The Free session cannot be exchanged for cash, cannot be transferred and expires 3 months from the date of issue.


Call (585) 305-4670 to find out how Sharon can assist you with a healthy track for life and discuss what a positive difference Reiki can make for you, a loved one or a pet.

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(585) 305-4670





Did you know Reiki can help with test anxiety? I have also done Reiki to help many college and High School students with problems sleeping the night before tests.


Appointments are appreciated since Sharon goes where Reiki is needed like Nursing Homes, Hospices, Hospitals and Animal Shelters.


Have any questions about how Reiki can help you, a loved one or a small pet? Call Sharon at:

(585) 305-4670


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